Monday, March 19

For Ian so 2007

Now that you hear from me after so long, it means that I didn't make it to Modestos CA afterall. The trip blew off due to irresponsibility and complicated VISA problems.

No more internship with Calvary Temple Worship Centre
No more discipleship with Jeremy Johnson
No more getting to live the American dream for 9 months
No more getting all in debts just for this trip

I like to thank you all who believed in me, encouraged me and to the people who had the desire of sponsoring me for this study stint. So that closes one chapter of my likfe which end up no where.

So where will Ian be heading next? Is he dominantly and stubbornly grasping on to that dream of a Youth Pastor? Truthfully...Ian still desires but he will have to let God do the promoting. Now due to some changes within Church with messy politics involved, Youth Ministry is going to combine with adults...*silence*...seriously YUCKS but hey Brighton Youth has reach a plateau which warrants for many things to happen and for doors of opportunities to open, however it seems none can go through it, keys given but doors are locked from the inside. I say the "Inside" because you know? Youth Ministry within Church boundaries have to grow together...goals same or not?...financially are we crippling the church? to have a full time not?...are the youths part of Brighton Community or Brighton Youth? etc. Do not want to deal with all does debative topics because it will only disable progression, why not see what we have and maximise it!

Coming back. Ian's desire have to wait but now??? Ian is jobless :( however he is a man with a mission. Ian wants to go back to his creative roots. He is going back to do theatre but will theatre want to do anything with Ian ever again? Ian turned his back on the art that God purposed in him in the first place! Gotten all his confidence and developed speech from there to craft the preaching of His word. Can he really go back to theatre? Will look here time and again and you will know :)

Next few things that are coming up for Ian

1) CHC Theological College April-August07
2) Work with Cake Theatrical Production [Thank you Natalie for the opportunity]
3) Finding a part time job that will sustain my daily bills and fills of his bottomless stomach :P

Pray for me as I am gearing to be

1) Financially stable
2) Establishing myself back into theatre
3) Making REVOLUTION within my cell group
4) Making Keng Yee the best disciple she can be for Jesus
5) Having Angela as happy as she can be

this year

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