Friday, March 23

A Progressive Cell Group Gathering

Today I was invited to a CHC cell group meeting at Queenstown upon a friend's invitation. It has been really long since I had a normal cell group kinda cell group where people come from diverse backgrounds and not all are really leaders nor upfront personnels which gives the down to earth edge to this combination.

As I stepped into the house, orange colored lights were dimly lit, just enough to illuminate the room to give that kind of cottage warmth. Hand painted art works, crafted figurines, decorated laces, comfy country chairs and paper mache flowers were there all around to greet me and the fellow cell mates that I got to know before we started on the wonderful game to get all to be comfortable with one another.

God was present indeed and worshipping God was never more giving, more love and more praise flowing here and there. It made me realised that I miss God, I yearn for His words, His revelation and His ... everything...really everything! Spiritual hunger was in ignition. I mean I was hungry but more this time and the motivation for it was to understand that I am thirsty.

Takeaway of the evening: Jesus most precious words "Follow Me" God is progressive, never static, never stationary. Always moving from point to point. Hence we need to keep up as our God is a progressive God. To keep up, we need to be spiritually hungry because in progression, the journey the long, the weather is harsh so what is going to sustain us?

The life of a believer equates to a walk hence walking with Jesus

gives us revelation
gives us progression
gives us illumination

this will not only sustain but gives us the progression to go from strength to strength, glory to glory.

Bible study ended with a high note and all fellowshipped in food and thanksgiving. Walked Angela home after that and MRT back to my home. I thank God today and the rest of the days that I will get more of Him from the opportunities given to me.

Jesus here I am.

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