Sunday, April 8

Easter is SERVED!

today's special is the resurrected brown shoes of Chin Teck and the ever fashion failure on our worship presentation. I am not just a worshipping Christian, or I got nothing better to do but to observe and critique. If this blogging can make a difference then let it be so as the excellence in me wants relevancy and today's cutting edge design and aesthethics to be placed full fledge on stage in performance with our worship that God craves [If I may say so].

today's drama was extremely "TACKY" you cannot help but to cringe at times from the lack of controlled emo of the individual characters that the actors portrays. However the script or the original intent of the play was strong and evident as it proves to be the thread along the main body and transitions of the play. It was the saving grace. Much to think about was the juxta-positioning of the stories that weaves almost into a polar opposites which mirrors the two main cast. Overall it was an okay performance. I give it 2/5 stars but is only my opinion. Oh ya Huiping did extremely wonderful, I think she out did herself...the rest guess what? It is a great start to a drama ministry's birth.

dead was the answer to a RESURRECTED CHRIST today at local youth service at paya lebar. The air and time actually stood still for me to contemplate during sermon time that our young people have join the dark side. I heard the *ring* from machines for the very first time.

Preaching to today's crowd was like

1) Kicking a cow that refuses to budge.
2) Talking the dog to meow like a cat.
3) Planting mango trees when you want durian.
4) CPRing a person dead like weeks ago.
5) Squeezing out the last bit of Colgate with all of your strength.

That was how it felt. My msg was about the "Forsaken Worm" that we are that Christ chose to be so that we in turn will take on the later transformation which is of a butterfly. What a message it was...perhaps...but I guess God heard it and He was pleased as I sincerely gave it all. The room was just too cold, too alone, too numb to even feel for anyting anymore. POWER, PURITY and PRAYER??? i think they all went out for a walk and forgot to come back.

How God? Today you have the tomb empty, tomorrow you will have us revived to a state which is pleasing before you. I ask for a personal resurrection from what we think is dead inside us...sigh!

Talk more tomorrow. I think I will start writing reviews on movies, some ppl actually like my reviews so I'll give it to them. Take care :)

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Anonymous said...

you did well brother. don't worry... hahaha... (Isaac)
I do read your blog!!