Sunday, April 15

Pressing the RESET BUTTON

In order to arrive at what you are not,
You must go through the way in which you are not.

T.S. Eliot

"Youth Ministry" has pressed the RESET BUTTON
"My Life" has pressed the RESET BUTTON
There is something about going back to the beginning and with the history of "if only" carrying around the cervix of your brain. The feeling is

From what I can remember this is the list of youths currently attending our Church

1) Liang Jie
2) Carrie Chen
3) Brina
4) Sylvia
5) Sandy
6) Kathryn Keng Yi Tan
7) Jin Xiang
8) Long Hui
9) Roy Lim [Malay influenced]
10) Kollim [Cambodian]
11) Valerie Yip
12) Xiang Xiang
13) Wee Kiat [Goverment Slave]
14) Wei Shan
15) Rouning
16) Candice [Indonesian Crab]
17) Hansel [Identity Crisis]
18) Zheng Sheng [China]
19) Jazzlene
20) Karen
21) Tammie Chng
23) Juliet
24) Carissa
25) Valerie
26) Niguel [what the ****]
27) Mark
28) Wilson [Identity Crisis 2]
29) Valencia
30) Winston [Vincent Van Gogh]
31) Alywin
32) Jia Yan
33) Caesar Nicholas
34) Esther Seet
35) Annabel Oh
36) Jasmine Goon
37) Kelly Tan
38) Sandra Wang
39) Melvin Chia
40) Shawn Wang
41) Kiat Yee
42) Wei Jian
43) Jing Kai
44) Barry
45) Shumin
46) Janice goh
47) Tzi Ning
48) Sherlene Leong
49) Elyse Liang [The Singing Nightingale]
50) Reynard Lim
51) Janice Chee [Missing Girl! Any news please call 999]
51) Collin
52) Benedict [Hair]
53) Yan Jun [MM Lee Supporter]
54) Janice Lim
55) Chris Soon
56) Carista
57) Queena
58) Jasmine law
59) Stephanie Lim
60) Kalis
61) Cerlyn
62) Freddie Wee [Graphical]
63) Zhi Wei [Fresh from the Amazon]
64) Megan Foo

All this listed above besides the overage young people leading them will be formulated together with the adults real soon. The total number of young people actually attending is supposedly 60+ a fair drop from 80. We are combining together with adults but still having the youth cell groups, we are basically going back to the fundamentals or rather bare essentials of a youth ministry. It is really saddening but in order to give more vibrancy to a pheonix, it must die before rising from ashes, just like Jesus making everything NEW in HIS world.

What kingdom perspective must we adopt for it to work in the coming months...only time and decisions will tell. All is done in the past serve only as reminders of what can do and not do. We ought to be wiser and not say let's forget about it, unless what Danny says come to pass.

Quote Danny "Perhaps we aren't destined to be a great youth ministry"

Theatre. A familarity that breeds a communion that is so strong, it seems attached to my very soul which God packaged it up together with me before the foundations for time. For a season it was flourishing and I gave it all up to pursue a certain passion that closes its doors on me. Not my fault but not my timing perhaps. If I say I am not disappointed I am lying. The one thing I am good at and I turn my back on it. David uses what he knows and not what people put on him.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ian is going back to what he turned his back on. On the wings that God has placed on his talent to bring him the freedom of creativity that has no bounds. He is to use it and grow it. Though it may not start out that glamourously, however the humility in bred with him at the start of this journey is strong within the spine of his whole being. God I am ready for the arts, allow me to explode only to serve You and allow others to see the magnitude of favor You have put in me.

For now, I am just getting to know that familarity and it was good. Getting better and better each time. I have pressed the reset button but I know what it will bring definitely. I will sweep the floors of the stage I will act in.

Ian will perform end April 07 in a small role in NOTHING by Cake Theatrical Productions and also in June 07 for ARTSFEST "1000 Different Things"

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