Thursday, July 24

A boy tried all means and ways to convince his parents to buy this toy which he has set his eyes on.
He also managed to be thrifty and saved enough just to prove his eagerness.
And finally he bought it. He treasured it and loved it. He gave all attention to it that everything was
just its background.
As years passby...the toy stood on the shelf
the eagerness that was on it grew up and set his sights on others.
dust settles slowly on the toy
soon forgotten.
As more years passby, the eager boy turned grey
grey in age that is.
He looked into the box which he kept his past
found something familiar
the toy which he loved. He regret and wept.
Why did he grew up?
I don't want to grow up cos I always want to love the toy.
It's that feeling of being with it lost but rekindled,
however too late
I really wish I won't grow up.
Peter Pan I can be?

YAWN! Sleepy...I'll turn in now

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