Monday, July 21

:( Made my dear cry again
all I want to do is to be with her
though maybe I have thought of isn't
really meant for it to be.
Apologised to her...
Told her about clothes that will look good on her. Insult or
compliment? She doesn't like it
I need to be empathatic, otherwise she'll be hurt again.
Always feel sad when she crys. But after she crys, she smiles again.
I'm confused by her sometimes.
Next week busy week. So many things to do and tuesday got volleyball tournament
which I don't think my ma'm would let me go. Hence
I have decided that I shall stay in office to do
work and more work...sigh
Argh! In two weeks my MOM's birthday
what the heck am I going to get her?
Last year I bought her cake and celebrated for her
so this year?

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