Friday, July 25

have to wait that long just to see my dear...argh!
Listening to chopin now. One of my fave pianist though most favourite is of course the one who plays
occasionally for me (^_^)
Feel sleepy but don't wish to sleep
work awaits me tomorrow at my desk
I want them to all go away hence need to get all of them done
by this week that is.
My mom's birthday is coming
but I am as broke as can be
what am I going to do...have "dough" coming in on the 29th
so not all that bad.
Suppose to meet up with some of my friends today but in the end
all couldn't make it.
I wonder when Faith will be coming back
Miss her...and she says that she is more than willing to have me over to work for her.
Hope I could be up to the task.
I am getting rusty in theatre practice sigh!
Need to polish up as soon as NS nightmare is over.
where is dear today?
watching Bachelorette...maybe she wants to be one
fine. No qualms
I'll shut up now
Goodnight world

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