Sunday, July 6

yup...should have guessed...another lousy Sunday
all because I seem harsh in my words to Cecilia.
I have decided
I'm staying at home for future Sundays...cos I hate Sundays
think it's meant to be like that.
had enough
so tired
don't want another Sunday to be like that
wasting a day is so depressing.
Wanted to call a friend to talk but she is with Mr Sailor...all the best to her
though Yuan still hates the sights of her, even the mention of her name
Slept through today.
Felt quite refreshed
Have to face this week again...without much love and care
I don't think I want to care anymore
or maybe I didn't at the first place
I know she is angry at me cos I have misunderstood her
but it didn't seem that way for me
she ask me to go chom chom
after a fiasco like that
what's going through her head?
I can't get angry at her
when I look at her I smile
she can make me smile anytime but
when I am alone
all gloom comes back to me.
Tomorrow I am going to rehearsal.
Hope God can grant my flair and love for theatre to be back in my arms again
Today I declare
all my Sundays to be BLACK.
I'm is everybody
hate this feeling.

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