Saturday, February 12

Finished a most incredible show after a fruitful time of Cell Bible study at Pastor Tiak's house today. The show was titled "Million Dollar Baby" As I watched the show, I can't help putting God into the picture of this cine experience because the story is about a budding young girl boxer looking for a chance to bloom under a harsh tutorage of a coach who doesn't want to coach her in the beginning, until later that he sees the sincerity of her will through drastic actions and lifestyle to wanna be the best boxer around. It leaves me to think...she wanted so much to embrace her dream to be a boxer, do I have that much to embrace the vision God gave me, to be a youth pastor...stupid ian...get your lazy ass and start working on your Bread (Bible) out your spiritual appetite, you'll need it before a fight, what am I saying...every MOMENT OF LIFE IS A FIGHT ( .V. )

My dear is sick...God watch over her...cos she is the one you sent to love me no you help her in her ill times the name of Jesus! Love you Lord, Love Cec.

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