Saturday, February 26

Today I spend the day praising and worshipping God. Listening to some parts of sermon as well to pick up on skills. I don't fancy myself to be accomplished but it is this anointing that comes with the innocence of learning and purity of life seeking Him. All praise to Him.

Rejected a job of $350 a day on all weekends for four weeks. Instinctly HS told me,"Ian turn it down or you won't have time for me and my kingdom. You know you didn't come in the house with money in your thoughts. You are in the house without slippers, you know that He is holy and the place you stand is holy. Be holy" I turned it down. My friend gotten a shock, well not everyone understands what we need to do in order to love Him and not compromise our love for the Faith. Worthy is the Lamb, Holy Holy are you Lord God Almighty!

Spend some thoughts about youths this evening. Even a rehearsals I am thinking how can we aspire youths towards God and be on FIRE 24/7. Jesus help me here, give me wisdom, in the name of Jesus Amen.

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