Tuesday, February 15

Insomia for the don't how many days!

Just couldn't get myself to sleep. What's happening man! Keep thinking about how to be an excellent youth pastor, how to abstain myself from getting into minor sin which will bring my Almighty identity in Christ tripping and falling into a turmoil, thinking about my dear on how much I actually miss her,thinking about marriage which seems far as my future is bleak from where I stand, but in God's term it seem great.

you know it is great to know the ending, how you are going to finish off. However, many people can start something but fail to finish off what they ought to become! I don't want that. I am also thinking about Ops Mackers, sincerely think it is a joke though at first. But HS showed me that He is in charge, not me, not puny little humane me. Miracles are brewing, I can feel it, but in His timing. How impatient are man nowadays. Perhaps because of instant mee, instant photos, instant products...everything is instant. Hence waiting virtue is of the past.

Jesus, get me waiting for you. A generation that always as for a sign. But you are the God that says "Worship me without one" I need to hang on to HS...HS I rededicate my life to you this wee hour! GREAT PASTOR IAN (GPI) Beware world...here I come!!! Jesus fill me and grant me divine dreams as I lay. A young man awaits vision from you at a block in Whampoa


D Em7
Change my heart, O God
A7 D
Make it ever true
Bm7 Em7
Change my heart, O God
A7 D
May I be like You

F# Bm Em7 D
You are the potter, I am the clay
F# Bm
Mould me and make me
E A7
This is what I pray

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