Sunday, February 13

a Sunday that I fail to go church...

had too much of good food the night before. Prata bomb,ice milo,prattaya nasi goreng and stuff. Really guilty of substituting those with a time of upmost expression and adoration for God of the Universe. Missing out on the word which brings life??? What am I more late nights for me on Saturday.

Yesterday met up with two of the GMSS girls under the umbrella project of "Ops Mackers" They were selling the purity bands which were going at $2 per pax. I bought like ten and that cost man! But I guess it is for a good cause, for a turn good nympho like me, aiyo. Jessy was mith me while we chill out with the two girls at starbucks (paragon), jessy was wonderfully generous as she treated all of us to Frappicinos...yahooo! She gave a comment though after the session..."Ian, you are on touchy person" is something that gets to me or irks me which I am not sure myself. Why on earth must I be touchy when I talk to people!!! I don't know, but I know that I am not being questionable or have intention to lead anyone to a wrong idea. Touch is an immediate communicating tool which I use a lot...need to unlearn somethings.

The girls are non-christians and yet they are willing to go thru Bible Study with us. I am like wow! Think I'll let Shella do the study...hehehe

My stomach is unwell. Bet I missed much during service, with all the new things going on...I will need to go consecration time with my God and I. To get back myself that He truly desires. Thoughts of damn keep coming back to me. If this continues, I can't be like my hero, Judah Smith.

My dear Cecilia I have not seen...miss her much...need to rest my tummy argh!

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