Friday, July 1

Can I walk on water to Jesus?

It was from Indonesia missions and that one week of high fever, i received word from God that i need higher knowledge of Him. I need to go to a school by this year end. It is going to be a leap of faith cos why? I have no money at all :( I was reckoning and thinking if I can start next April, i can save much money to help me over two terms of studies. Then again, that won't need much of God providence isn't it...verse came to mind Luke 5:5

5But Simon answered and said to Him, "Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; nevertheless at Your word I will let down the net."

A certain faith needs to be cultivated. I thought it is the comfort God wants me to throw away and His faith that I must capture. Can I believe in His providence? I want to and I am acting on is like holding a torch that will never blow out into the darkest valley you can find, looking for the way out eventually though not knowing where is out, but you have the light (James 1:17) God doesn't want me to suffer, it isn't Him you see, He wants me to be in the embrace of His security, not the world perception of security. Hence repenting is needed! REPENT, breaking the word, "RE" meaning back or return. "PENT" for Pent house, pent house isn't cheap and it is located at the highest point of the building. "REPENT" on my own interpretation, returning to God's point, returning to God's perspective!

If all goes well though I still have to talk to a few more pastors to inquire advice about Theology or Pastoral Ministry...I'll be heading to Theological Centre for Asia (TCA) to do a Bachelors, actually it is like a dream. No one would thought I could get a degree. In God I trust! I am not even sure if the college agrees to my alternative diploma in drama.

However like all play and drama, there is always a introduction or rather an opening act that leads to the main. An opening act happened in my living room two nights ago. God reveal Himself in a word from my mom! Knowing my mom, she would sit me down and discourage me from doing things that will have drastic measures to my future. This time she knows I did very well in arts and the plays that she attended with much encouragement. She was even more over the roof when she knew that I gotten scholarship for my Arts studies. Now I am throwing them all away, to pursue a vision God set for me. Guess what? I reveal God's plan to her, and she replied "Yes, okay Son...good for you!" WAHHHHHHHHHH GOD YOU ARE MAGNIFICIENT VICTORIOUS WONDERFUL GLORIOUS...JESUS!!!! Then she talk about the finance...I gave a grin and told her not to worry bout it. God set me this way, then He'll have a way or me to get through it.

Recently I set myself into a purification process to fast and pray everyday till I see 30 young ppl in my area worshipping Jesus. Things are looking good and also praying for which course to take. Fasting and praying makes me understand who God really is. Not as much on how many hours we pray or fast but the communion with Him each min. Seek ye first...the word first in Greek is "first in time and first in place" shouldn't we think and pray constantly with Him? I will call it daily conversation anytime anywhere...God hubbing (^______^)

Can I walk on water? Only if I fix my eyes on Jesus and not anything else...thank you Ps Joyce and Ps Daniel Cheo for your valued advice, still need to talk to you guys :) but I am very very appreciative of you!

TCA...may the grace of God be upon me to help me make the right destiny decision here! Before end off...GMSS rocks still! hehehe...

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