Tuesday, July 19

when God showed me how blatant was His love!

It was pouring madly on the expressway of East Coast. Then there was this pastel coloured van that swerve in from no where from the left into our lane. Our driver Cho reacted fast enough to aviod collision with that reckless van driver, however bliss was short live as Cho's truck swerved, it spinned one round and it was most impossible to avoid another collision when this taxi couldn't turn in time to swerve away from us. *BANG* front of the truck was smashed, everything was in a dazed. I remember seeing my stage manger flew in front of me but I grabbed her and hold her close to me because I reckon it might just overturn. But it didn't. The scariest moment is when every came to a stop or rather a pause, the view from behind the truck was in right to left motion. It was all quiet and then crash.

After the collision, I lift my stage manager's face to check if she was alright, she had a bruise on her right cheekbone, which looked minor, for me I sprained my right wrist and bruised my leg a tad bit. Then we were dazed and stunned for a moment when Cho came out of the truck frantically to see if we were alright. I saw blood, bad time to see it, we check ourselves and realised my Stage manager had a cut on her toe! What a scare! Thank God it isn't to a head injury. Next thing we knew, we are out of the truck and standing in the midst of heavy rain on ECP, recovering from shock.

Amazing thing was not that I came out of the truck with minor injuries where others had it worst than me. Before this when we were travelling on streets of HDB estates, the chair that I was sitting on broke with no rhyme or reason. I was dozing off and the leg of the chair came off. With no choice I had to sit on the floor. My stage manager was laughing her head off as well. If I was on a chair, I would be thrown out of the truck no question asked but i was on the floor to grab her down otherwise she would be heading out of the truck. Hence my friends on the truck told me that God must have love you much and blessed you. It was so uncanny and this grace is so subtle and yet when it was revealed, it was...a WOW factor! Took sometime to sink in cos of shock. I live today because of grace...thank you Jesus, what plans you have for me to keep me from death? Speak, for your servant listens...

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