Friday, July 8

London cruel :( is He coming soon?

6 bombings in different areas rock the comfort and the taken for granted peace that exist within the super power of the world namely "England" Channel News Asia was vivid in their reports about the happenings over there! Pictures of injured londoners and wrecked buses...police and medical officers scrawling all over the place to give the emergency need that the people need. They can cheat death now but for how long? It tells me that life is so fragile that it isn't within our control, it isn't. And yet we demand so much from it knowing that it will wither...youth will wither...accomplishments will age...aged will be wrinkled to bones...bones to ashes...ashes to dust!

please Londoners, know that there is a perfect plan for all of you given by God! Give yourself a chance to know Jesus...He is the living fact of the very person to beat death back into hell. He is the giver of life and will embrace us into an eternity of heaven living. Too good to be true? The bible is written by 44 Holy Spirit filled writers, witnesses and factual bout the Mormons? how bout the Quran? How bout the Sutras? what is it base on? Do they have a God that actually says that He loves all of humankind and will give His life for them? I know I have and my bible tells me so...HS approved!

Lord, i pray that all rescue operations will be organised and concised to assist to bring all people to safety from harm's way. I pray that this will be a wake up call to the empty churches of london, may all churches in london be of cups that speaks of your Glory, not just glory flow from heaven but people flowing into cups of churches to bring you glory. You are meant to be glorious, magnified and looked upon. So God, stream in the terrified and let this be a revival for London! Jesus touch London cos it is a "opportunity in adversity"


10If you faint in the day of adversity,
Your strength is small.

so God arise the Christians in London! Let them not be afraid but tear down the works and schemes of the devil...right now in Jesus name! Grab the harvest now London!

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