Thursday, July 7

cold sweat...bad dream :(

yesterday morning i woke up from the most unusual of dreams. there i was in a middle os a catastrophe of earthquakes happening all around me. People are running to shelters, buildings after buildings fell as I looked over with a bird's eye view of the whole thing. next thing i knew, I was shipped off in buses with people covered with ashes from head to toe and so was I. there was a certain fear and loss in the air. Women's cries and children shouting and looking for their love ones are pictorial of every angle of my sight. What is this? and I woke.

during the month of june till now, i have been receiving words of knowledge from HS and has been accurate so far. Even in my schedule of fasting, I can actually "hear" how I should be going around doing it so not to be beaten by the flesh. the truth is that it has been difficult, but there are more success than failures, I need to keep returning to God's perspective and it will be better each time.

but I really don't want whatever that I have dreamt to come through. it could be the will of God but i don't know, I never dreamt that kind of dream before and I am determine to pray and find out more. HS you be my I fast not to surrender to flesh but to You. Hence dear Lord replenish me with anointing for You are my provider and knows what I lack beside the food that my flesh needs.

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