Thursday, October 28

thinking about Cec, not really sleepy. the story of us goes like this...i was really bad at maths, so a friend of mine brought me to this place at paya lebar walk. Home Tuition kinda thing but I still stink at maths. The teacher however tries her best though I am really that incorrigible. You see, I go there after school or after water-polo or other CCA training, of course I will fall asleep. There were lots of ppl there from all kinds of school and there was this particular grp who were really noisy (PLMGS) bunch. Then I asked my friend who brought me there who is this grp of ppl and why are they so restless...ya like I am not? Well, from word of mouth, discovered that the girl who keeps playing with her fringe is the oldest daughter of the Maths tuition teacher (main character here, supporting as follows) and a friend who has a mouth so big that a truck can just park in there. They are hilarious together, making fun of each other and gossiping as if DAYS OF OUR LIVES are their sutras. My time there has been fun, friends that is highlight. Grew fond of someone overtime...but hey...I am dating someone already hiaz...what's going to happen??? I grew fond of the tuition teacher's oldest daughter, at that time she was like sec 2 and I was dating a sec 3 girl from the same skool!!! how scandalous!!! mundane heart...sinfully flirty without the love of God.

okay...story stops here and will continue...hehehe, will tell you more about a girl who likes to eat congee with ice cubes in it (*________*) interesting huh. DOn't laugh, she is my partner mind you ( .\/. );; *YAWN* Going to sleep. Dear God, I pray that you will lay me to sleep and impart me the wisdom to carry out this faith you put in me. I pray that healing will come upon two person tonight, Cec and steph. One food poisoning, the other flu and headache. Thank you for the truth you have shown me by your anointed ppl and words of the bible. Love you Jesus, love you God.

Amen...One Way and that is Yah Weh!

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