Sunday, October 17

today I went to the most perculiar place called Sunshine Plaza at Selegie Rd and stmble upon the most intrigueing culture called "Anime Fad" at least three shops were like selling handmade figurines and another selling collectables. Not forgetting, anime cartoon series as well,my favourite however they didn't have what I want cos the owner was away for that moment. Macross Zero was the series I am sourcing for...sigh.

Food was like "WAH" there cos there was this tiny honk kong kopitiam feeling kinda shop selling Dim Sum. A must try the next time I go there. I discover that the more I go out, the more I realise there are things to be explored. I feel dumb staying at home at times, especially the past few weeks. I need fresh air...though i don't have any partner who wish to breath the same air as me well...I'll just do it myself or maybe God will bring me to her.

From today onwards, I will watch Honk Kong Serials myself. A guidline to impose upon myself. A sudden "HATE" for it...not sure why? My mood changes rapidly this few days, but is fair to the people around me? I am not sure and I don't want to deal with it.There is a wanting of company these few days and I'm lack of it...someone that can hang out with me, talk to me and everything.

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