Monday, October 25

today was really weird. Worship by Lai Yien is like carbon copy, should we live our hands because she tells us to? So instructional. Every worship is the same,but to each its own. Perhaps God made her destiny in worship to praise Him like this, for this I give praise to God for her. Altar call today after service was weird feels like my pastor is milking the session to allow more ppl to come to the fornt to be prayed for, but alas, only a small group of ppl. In an instance I thought and prayed God, should have let you right? Not man...He ah milk until the cow got no milk kind, unsatisfactory feeling of response? Not sure.

youth worship practice was long today and it was only three songs...manage only to practise till the second. Bad news for next week...God, we humble our heart to let you have all control...

tom i have rehearsal for Service Excellence Day, going to direct a short play for the Police Quality Branch. A bunch of untrained but eager actors awaits...what should I do...God pls let this talent you have instilled in me to blossom slowly but sure ly tom...In you I believe.

God Bless Cec as always...keep her from stress and harm! Give her more time!!!

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