Wednesday, May 4

passionate jakarta bekasi...God's love is definitely present (^____^) part II

the preaching @ pulua gembang church was really an experience. It is really and totally different from GMSS preaching stint though the beginning was the same, meaning I did blackout and had a nervous start, not really sure what to do. There are many times this happened and I thank God that His glorycame upon the people to just make the soil soft for His words to be plnted into the fields of this people's lives. The words that came out weren't from me, I know it because it is holy. Shaky at start because I thought about myself which put me centre of everything, but as I prayed God became centre to pull strings of my vast imaginative and animated self to tell of is word. GMSS has hundred over youths that was preached to, at pulua gembang church there was about ninety plus minus people and still I was nervous. In nervousness, there is this breaking that happens. If you put yourself first in the time of need, of importance or rather adversity, your heart and pride will fall and causing panic sweats and tears then slowly reaching the depths of your mind, clenching it so that it'll not take another step forward. HS binds it for it is is for good...if HS lets you walk, it'll be a nasty fall for sure. Thank you Jesus. God made the sermon great and the people was full of reminds me of a verse in Luke 4

14Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit, and news about him spread through the whole countryside. 15He taught in their synagogues, and everyone praised him.

I thought to myself, I can't really achieve that. HS that is in me will do the shining and work that is in me. This is not the agenda also, need power to influence youths that Jesus is really King!!! and He is the coolest dude on the planet (^_____^) but there are skeletons, just perhaps in the closet of my heart where I need to open it and iron it straight out, wonder what I'll find?

pulua gembang church is fantastic. It is ran by a girl pastor named "Deborah" there and then God gave me a knock and suggesting that it can happen to small Deborah back home in Singapore Isle. The girls there are really virtuous to the max and I mean it in a good sense. They are really girl girl! They do what girls are to do I mean am I to explain and not to offend the girls that reads this? *ian ponders* okay one incident! after the preaching stint, they provided a spread of food prepared by the girls themselves and it was delicious, me and isaac testifies to that. That we grab plates to wash up. They sat us down and say, no worries like us the girls do what we are to do as in saying it is a women's duty...I looked at isaac, isaac look at me...we were stunned! This is women of virtues right in front of us. I am not saying that women back in sunny singapore is not good or what, culturally just different in perspective. Eh...i think I have made matters worst...go experience it yourself and you'll understand! For me on my record, only a few of the women in qualifies of the virtue standard, but then again who are am I to be judge of that, this is my thoughts so *NO OFFENCE* Agenda should be "to be best for for Him"

A&W and DUNKIN DONUTS are the food highlights there, besides the local cuisines of Ikan Mas and Nasi Padang. I mean I practically relished the taste of my strawberry has been a long time. Then out of a sudden...a STUPID FLY flew into my milkshake! TOTAL TURNOFF!!! I grab a spoon and scoop it out (just the infected area) then tortured the poor guy in cold ice cream till it freezed and I continued my journey of enjoying my strawberry milkshake. Yucky? Nah i don't think so because it is milkshake...something I don't have for a long time. I really think when I meet Jesus at the end of the road, I will also just grab no matter what the consquences or situation is...cos His presence gives me of that like my father, watching me and taking care of my needs. thank you jesus, for the three job offers you gave me. To be continued...

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