Thursday, May 12

passionate jakarta bekasi...God's love is definitely present (^____^) part III

in our six days stay in Bekasi Jakarta, Isaac and me stayed with Ps Ken @ Senior Ps Ginting's house. The amount of hospitality extended to us was unbelievable.I think if ever Singaporeans need etiquette class of hospitality, they can definitely learn it here in this senior pastor's place. The long journey from the airport to the house in the beginning allowed my butt to be paralysed for awhile but what was revealed at the pit stop was a bungalow with lots of friendly people inside. Senior Ps is away for a major summit hence I supposed he told his members or helpers to treat us with upmost care and care is certainly what we gotten. They opened up the rooms that belong to his son and daughter. And where about they going sleep? GUEST ROOM...I can't believe it...we are supposed to be suffering in indonesia, not be treated that well! But I guess it is only polite. In Jewish customs I hear, when a friend travels far to meet you, and you don't have food or any preparation for him to be welcomed, it'll be seen as an act of "you deserve a slap in the face" kinda thing. Well I can see it in practice here in this Bekasi household. I feel super welcomed.

The house gives a peaceful feel in the exterior but when I entered the opens to a place of serenity. Plaques and banners praising our Father in heaven, this house is rockin with praise man. then when we entered the rooms, we were greeted with air cons? I was like wow!!! because indonesian weather was like an oven being fitted in the sky, grilling us every moment, it is that bad. Sweat is like our best friend, it follows us wherever we go but the HS is with us to, to help us focus not on the heat but to make His name famous.

The household of Senior Ps Ginting wakes every morning at 4am, praying to the Almighty. But guess what...the muslims too wake early to pray to God as it is like a battle of two prayers and where is Isaac and me? In the depths of our slumber, oblivious to the prayers of the two going on stimultaneously.

At the first night, I had a nightmare and I dreamt that someone is taking my heart away, I ran and ran but he is still on my back, beating the hands of mine protecting the area where my heart is...I SCREAMED...woke Mr Isaac up! Told him what happened but he wasn't really interested so he went back to maths conference with his sheeps at Slumber St. Me...shakened...took my bible and notebook down to spend time with HS. It was fruitful...very the silence, God's words crept to me in one word..."withdraw to me"....and I did. Gave me courage and strength to carry on whatever I have to do and it is a gift that has been bestowed to me...I still have it now. I'll practice it often for sure.

Been trapped six days with Mr Isaac is a whole new experience for me. Never did I shared room with him nor in my youth where we were in camps. This was the first time i am staying in the same space with him that long. I will say it is an experience and I know God put me there for me to acquire something not very popular to the flesh and human heart which is "inadequacy" I'll shall stop here because if I carry on about this topic, it'll just sound like I am gossiping...Isaac is my best friend and it is someone I can entrust my life with. There are things I disagree and vex about when we go head on collision for certain situations or decisions, but I have to thank him cos without him, i didn't know there is an amount of vast knowledge which I didn't acquire. Perhaps I am just a simpleton for now...God, what have you prepared for me in the next lap? I'll soon find out as I withdraw to Him, perhaps in this solitude I can hear Him whisper to me secrets of His heart...

there is still a part IIII to this and it'll be the be continued

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