Thursday, May 12

Visions on the 7th of May (Saturday)...Youth Conference

a figure filled with light came upon me and there I knelt in fear. The figure lifted my face and I was embraced by this warmth which chased the fear away. The figure turned behind and took with Him a piece of gold which He hands it to me in suggestion for me to receive it. I looked at that piece of gold and I received it in awe. I placed that gold upon my chest and there it opened up painfully to take that gold into my inner being. There I know ... I was never the same ... the pureness within my filth of such flesh is too much of a contrast. God made me know and now I will continue to withdraw more of myself to Him until I'm undone (T________T) _ *ian cries in the corner of his room, in His courts he enters*

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Pearly said...

God is so awesome