Wednesday, May 18

passionate jakarta bekasi...God's love is definitely present (^____^) part IIII (Final)

final entry of my personal thoughts about Jakarta Indonesia. The last days there made my feet reluctant to go home but my heart wishes to as there are much to do back in Singapore for my area. I missed my area really much. I eat, I think of them, I shop, I think of them, I pray, I think of them, I go to God, I lift their names to Him. Compassion drives you as you have a vision for these people. No vision, no hope. Proverbs 29:18 says that without revelation, man live life wildly and carelessly...cast off restraint. God, help me walk in the paths of righteousness for your Name sake.

I am not sure about all this missionery work thing and stuff. I really have a feel for it but God purposefully show this side of His ministry for me. Allowed me to understand His desire for the whole world to know of His love and Good news. For me, this trip isn't just a recce trip. It is a window for me to look through God's eyes of where He wants His love to be and thru this window, life preview changes from proverty to riches, from anger to peace, from hurt to heal. This is the story of how Indonesian revival is beginning. They take God's love and glory with two hands, whereas here we take it when we feel like it. *ian slams table with both hands and stands* we need to bring honour to God's name...I am not being drama mama here but He is of eternal, He stands forever, not relationships, not friendships, not jobs, not our pleasures that is like ice cream which is momentary sweetness and joy. Jesus is a life pillar always there for us to lean on...the rest our flesh that reluctant to admit. Jakarta caught my heart by the horns man and subdued me, God allowed me to go into another level of intimacy under His conditions, of what He wants me to be. Forget what other people wants me to be or what I want to be. I'll just wait upon Him...Esther waited in the House of Woman, preparing herself in harsh conditions to be the best for the King. There were so many girlfriends together with her preparing for "THE ONE" beauty pagaent. Esther waited and prepared, immersed herself in harsh beauty treatments to be beautiful. Preparations are always the bitter towards a sweet ending, it is getting thru the bitter part where most gave up. I want to to be more beautiful but must go to harsh treatment...aiyo...beautiful ian here I come! now where is my nail polish? hehehe

I learn loads from Jakarta, from not drinking too much water in cars otherwise I'll go into a pissing frenzy of where is the TOILET??? to passionate worship with jubilant worshippers of GKII church cherishing the love of God every moment of the week. I would like to thank God first for showing me beautiful people there and the work there that is of becoming in praise for HIM. I have learnt much humility and gotten taste of God's ministry of missions though missions is a lifestyle evangelism thing, it is this area that God want me to know. He really wants me to know that there is a bigger world out there for me to impact the world. My youth pastor told us that what we do at times will find it hard to impact the world or shake a nation. I choose to think differently, I can impact the world for Jesus by impacting my world first then my friends, there are different worlds in our current states and God will understand, if He doesn't? Not sure of anything anymore then...then can be moved by prayer since prayer is the primary tool of Ministry to Him. Dear God, the world will fall unto their knees in awe of you. All seem important to them will burn and perish and there in the empty fields of their hearts emerge a burning bush that will consume their thoughts and heart. You are the only one Jesus. The way, the truth and light. Thank you Bekasi Jakarta. See you in two weeks time!

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