Wednesday, May 4

passionate jakarta bekasi...God's love is definitely present (^____^)

back from Jakarta two days before. The trip was fantastic. I mean with the people I have been around and come to know personally has been gems of memories for me. I flew to Jakarta with loads in mind...thinking what would it be like if the plane just crash, then after the plane took off, I thought what will happen in my stay at Jakarta? There are many things which I want answers but it won't come unless I actually immerse in it and know it myself. And there I did.

Got to know people from the Bekasi Jakarta Church (GKII) which to me is like a city harvest equivalent. The person with that big of hospitality to house us was the senior pastor of that church himself. He opened two of his children's room and gladly host us with it while they sleep in a less comfortable room. We were really appreciative of this gesture. We went around to recce the places...went to borgor and tangerang...the two main places of our missions activities. It is going to be cool.

Getting stuck in a room and personal space with my best of friend was really an experience! I have never recalled a time, be it camp or retreat that I actually slept in the same room breathe the same air in the same space for a continous six days. The experience is one to keep and also one that is hard to forget. Isaac and I have a kind of love hate relationship. There are times we bicker a lot but times we share good moments of friendship together.

If you ask me if I am blessed in anyway from this trip? I will say yes, by two things! First is by the heart of worship from the indonesian people as the hunger is evident, here in Singapore, the hunger and passiona is sometimes overshadowed by the comfort and things we taken for granted. I learn this so that I will not keep my love for Him in wraps but always in expression. Second thing is "Inadequate" though i don't like these words but I guess i have to hear it no matter "you don't know anything" or asking me to make decisions or sound like asking me to suggest but in the end putting me down and make your own. Yuppers, this puts me down totally and I will go into a slight depression. But in this depression brings als an uplifting that Jesus can use me in my total weakness and He proved Himself in the sermon I did last Saturday evening at Pulua Gembang. I preached on the topic "Destiny Decisions" and there God release the anointing on my lips and inspiration. To Be Continued...

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