Sunday, June 22

Argh...burning cd isn't as easy as it seems to be, wasted another cd. Not that I want to but I'm just
computer illiterate at times.
KBOX was the highlight today. Went with Yuan and her was the very first time I heard so many words coming out of her dad.
Was surprising and interesting at the same time as I was sitting audience with the rest of the family while we hear him sing.
I guess he was hit by the "Karaoke" bug that bit the many singing fanatics years ago. Well, better late than never.
Have to go work tomorrow...sigh...have to get rid of problems in my office.
Going back to work is like exorcising demons which I got rid long ago in drama academy. I hope God can grant me strength to get through it day by day :(
Just sitting thinking bout the amount of work I have is killing me. Why am I thinking of work that isn't mine...I need help...I think I am
going on overdrive soon.
Haven't packed my bag...will pack tomorrow morning I NS life is meaningless
No wonder some resort to suicide.

Sentosa trip is on tuesday, looking forward to it above everything else. Can see my dear, smell her and hug her!
Going to sleep now...
Unhappy Monday starts, NO must face it with a sly smile :>

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