Monday, June 30

Watched Charlie's Angel by myself today
and boy! ALL OF THEM LOOK SO GOOD...especially
Lucy Liu, she was a fox...arrr!
Office was okay but Mdm is still stress with me and my colleage. Perhaps the reason being us so daf, yep
that could be really it.
Enough of Yuan...not going to mention her in my blog
I guess blogging comes from your heart, I write what I if you are reading this
perhaps you should turn away : P
Luanne is flying off to Kangaroo Land for a whole three years
all those golden years in La-salle
I guess she is really growing in person and this trip might help her do even more growing.
I wonder when is my turn...though I really don't want to leave Singapore cos of
obvious reasons.
Yuan is not free tom. I should watch another movie but...alone or with whom...hehehe
I love you dear...won't do anything to disappoint you
SHIT! I mention her again...F**K it...bye

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