Monday, June 16

she is very am I
Could understand how she feels but very difficult for me as an onlooker to feel it first hand.
Things are crashing down on her, wish I could do something.
only thing I did and can do is be with her and encourage her.
I watched "my sassy girl" with her...what a good movie and we enjoyed it!
If only life was as simple as the movies. Apparently not, as movies are not affected by the toils of time,
which is quite impossible to happen within a two hour show.
Mrs Koh blamed Yuan for taking peanuts...but SHE DIDN'T
Only later did she realise that she blamed wrongly. TOO LATE!!! HURT HAS BEEN DONE!!!
Don't Mrs Koh have empathy??? Sigh...maybe she has lots to handle as she has four girls.
Feel so hurt together with Yuan...I know how that feels cos I was in the same predicament before.
Parents...what a let down sometimes!
Tom my dear is writing appeal, hope someone in NUS sees her application and accepts her. She is really bright...really...I know!

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