Wednesday, June 4

Doc says I'll be fine
what the heck...wish he said otherwise!
though I know I'm escaping
but it is a much needed rest.
There's mountain of work waiting for me
and a weekend to look forward to behind it.
I want to see dear yuan,
miss her so much.
Don't like tiffs...don't like it very much
It's sunny out there but can't go swim...tanned skin
go bye bye
National service = time serving
I escape education hard enough to find what I excel in
and now the system caught up with me.
Oh well...I have love...and love never fails...
thank you
shiyuan :)
So sleeping...and here I am adding on my blog...
wanted to excercise but I guess I couldn't
cos I'm on medication.
Watching this new anime that I rented
"Prince of Tennis"
quite interesting...a 12yr old beating the hell out of everybody in tennis
lame plot but entertaining.

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