Saturday, June 28

it's been days since the last I wrote. Cannot...I must be regular in writing or else there is no place
for me to speak out. Though I don't look like a person who keeps things in my heart but I do. Don't know
why. Maybe perhaps I am afraid of the consequences becoming after I have let everything in my heart exposed.
Will see how it goes...usually I say everything...share everything, but coming on to age, things starts to get
stubborn. Hate it!
The Sentosa trip few days ago was okay. Had minor squabbles with Yuan, well petty issues again. My fault.
Mrs Koh's students were much alive and enthusiastic about everything...I guess I have really gone old. The spirit is willing but the body refuses to budge.

Today, I knocked off at seven plus. Yep, my Mdm is back and with much pressure then ever before. My office sucks.

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