Thursday, June 12

Came home when I didn't want to again.
Don't know why in the world
I like to punish myself.
Do I really ask her to do the things that she doesn't want to do
or she isn't doing the things that she is supposed to do which I think she should but she doesn't.
Is all this necessary??? Don't think so...feel like a kid venting his tantrums...sigh
She cut her hair and I paid for it...willing of course. She look so gorgeous after that and it cost only $10
not like the Toni and his guy's but no standard, perhaps because it is a trainee.
I think me and her are in training period. Good in the sense at least we know how we work and try to work round obstacles,
bad in the sense we have to feel shitty in the present. BLEH!
Today's sushi was WOW! Love every moment of it though because it was delicious but no stomach space to fill it all up.
My dear seem to eat more than me, but really I ate more cos I ordered the unagi...and I finished that dish first.
If my dear is reading this, I LOVE YOU ya though I do throw unnecessary tantums and comments to you when I feel
lonely...just ignore me. Ultimately I still crave to hold your hand, fondle your hair and smell your tanned skin.
Ooops...this is almost an e-mail...enough
I'll say only true thoughts here and it is.
Tom there is work part 2 at the station...sigh
Heard from news CIVIL SERVANTS are getting their Saturday's off..WOO

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