Saturday, June 21

I woke up after a long night of work that was filled with excitement and intrigue.
Went to parts of Geylang which I have never seen before, to catch girls who are solicitating
on the streets. Some of them are as young as yuan. Most of them too are pretty and deserves sympathy as a percentage
of them were cheated here. A promised education but a world of vice was put upon them...sigh
Came home at 5. It was exciting night, not like my office and I've learnt a lot too.

My dear didn't journey to my house to wake me up...tad bit disappointed. She said that she wants to try the new line and I thought she would
want to ask me to take it together with her! But no, I guess she was all excited about taking the train and forgot about my existence in her life for awhile.
I must not be petty, ya. Ian, you can't!

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